What do you mean by technology?

It is a machine that is developed in way which is helping the people in every field to take knowledge or to do their work. Technology affect people life in many ways as, advances in technology have made our countries very easier and safe and also they have negatively affected the life of people. Technology has brought us many things like computers, smart TVs and many more things, As everything has it perks and drawbacks so has technology too but if you use in a wrong manner.

Let’s talk about the positive impact

How it helps in life of people?

So talking about the technology, Comparing to the earlier life of people they were not even aware of the internet or mobile phone and they were living their life without this things but now mobiles phones and internet are as important as food in life. Seeing this kind of craziness towards this things make us think that in coming generation people will leave without food but they will not comprise with the mobile phones and for the internet.

It has helps in many ways like internet it is best thing in today’s life but if the people take this in a positive way it is helping in every field mainly knowledge. If youth of today want information about anything they just have to google it and they get everything they want, now talking about the mobile phones earlier people have to use the letter transferring system because at time there was no phones but now they just have to dial a number and can easily talk. Many machines been developed which had made the work very easy for the people the work of 10 hours has been reduced to 4 hours because of the technology.

Heading towards the negative impact

Technology has affected people’s life in a negative way

As you have seen the positive impacts of the technology now let’s discuss about the negative side of it. Youth of today’s time is using this technology in a wrong manner, like you have listen about many cases which you also have seen in the web series the people just make the videos and make use of internet in a wrong way by blackmailing them. There are many unusual things in the internet which ruin youth mind in a way that they start thinking in the way which leads to a criminal mind taking an example of PUBG a boy just hit a girl with a stone because he couldn’t accept his defeat.


To end up all this things no doubt technology has helped people in many way it has make people life very safe and convenient to work with the machines but the people who are using it as fun or for negatives things is not good. Technology had changed the life of people in many ways talking the best example in this pandemic the app called Aarogya setu is helping the people in keep social distancing by awareing them from the cases. It is best but is should be use in a proper way so that you can work in easiest way.





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