The Real Essence of Life with some Facts

What defines life? In a very subtle way, life is something that is ultimately connected with biological factors or science. There are various forms in which life breaths, such as animals, plants, bacteria, and all those organisms which have the capacity to inhale and exhale. It is a study of science.

There is actually no particular definition that can define life in particular ways. One of the most known definitions about life is that anything that undergoes the process of a life cycle has a certain amount of metabolism and grows physically and mentally.

Since there is no particular definition to describe what life is, the most recent way that scientists have found to conclude something about life is by the following factors.

Equilibrium: balance of micro and the macro environment with the constant mind. And adapting to the new changes. Like working to survive.

Hierarchy: life is a mixture of cells.

Absorption: it is a scientific process of converting the chemical substance into energy in the body. The other name for this is the metabolic process. As it is quite obvious that living beings need the energy to work and live to cope up with the two basic environment – external and internal.

Growth: life is an action movie that requires growth and productivity in all parts. For a human, growth is termed in body growth, culturally development, and in their respective relation, whereas in other organisms, growth stands to be the same but a little different.

Procedure: the capacity of changing and respond to the ever-changing environment. This is one of the most primary function or can be said as the fundament of life. Everything in life changes with time and environment, such as your mind, relations, diet etc.

Biological process: the classical process to the science of producing a new individual is the phenomenal ability of a living organism. That could be either a single parents such as an amoeba or two parents.

Some facts about life.

• As life is very uncertain, around 10 million kids die before celebrating their fifth birthday every year.

• Every year, when a girl is born in the village of India, all the villagers of the village come together to plant 112 trees in the celebration of the baby girl.

• According to a report, China is the country that is indulged in an animal assault.

• Every year, more than 2 million lives are sacrificed due to aids.


As it is said, life is quite uncertain, and no one can predict when one can wash their hand from their beautiful life. It is always recommended to respect and cherish every moment of this process. Who knows what is next. A great philosopher said it is important to live life than to push life. This means that it should be not a race of hurdles but a map of marked directions. An individual only enjoys their life when he /she feels safe and secure but not when they mentally unstable. In short, it is very important to have a stable mind with a body to live life to the fullest.



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